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About Us

We were friends long before launching Co.Lisbon. We met as classmates at University, where we’ve created, nurtured and kept a group of incredible lifetime friends. If there’s something we have in common is how we both appreciate the good side of life, dining with our friends, a long day at the beach, chit chatting while having a gin & tonic and taking pleasure out of everything we do. Despite different working backgrounds, we both became entrepreneurs with roots in the hospitality industry. Patricia owns an Office Centre and Mariana co-owns restaurants.

In the mid 2010’s, after a deep economic crisis, we experienced a changing Lisbon, attracting tourists and foreign investment. This new movement turned Portugal’s capital into one of the best cities to live in the world. Historic buildings were refurbished and portraying bright colors. But at the same time, prices went up dramatically and, like in other cosmopolitan cities, it became difficult to have access to housing in the city center.

We are fascinated with the way this generation is responding and reshaping our lifestyle with a profusion of new movements and trends centered on life quality and towards a simpler life. A new focus on sustainable lifestyles, experiences and sharing rather than possessing.

We came across the Coliving movement as an early urban life trend in Berlin and New York City and we were hooked by the concept of offering the younger generation the dream of living in the vibrant city centre, close to all the buzz and culture whilst having a quality home with great perks.

Over a Sushi lunch, for the record without any sake, we shared the vision of bringing this new shared living model to our bursting city. Soon began the adventure of rethinking and modernizing this charming neglected building to its new use and back to its original glory. How great is that?

And so CO.LISBON was born!

Meet Patrícia Raposo

Patrícia lives wih her husband and Salsa, her portuguese waterdog. She has worked in retail and owns an office building.
Patrícia is obsessed with her daily padel games and sings in a choir.

Meet Mariana Magalhães

Born and raised in Co.Lisbon’s neighbourhood, Nanas, as she’s normally called, lives with her husband and her younger daughter.
She has worked in large corporations, co-owns restaurantes and couldn’t be happier with this new project.
Bribe her with chocolate, it will work!