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What is Coliving

The way humans live in big cities has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Sharing a house is the first step to independence for most part of young people all over the world. In fact, sharing has become a trend: Millennials prefer to rent rather than buy a house. The sharing economy, along with values like sustainably and the interest in being part of a community, have inspired the development of new and innovative ways of living.

Coliving makes absolute sense for Millennials, who are managing to move into central neighbourhoods of big cities, that would otherwise be impossible thanks to expensive rents.

“Coliving is a concept on the rise – one that’s at heart of urban innovation and has grown exponentially at the past five.”


The Coliving model is often defined by 4 pillars:


Modern shared living spaces are thought specifically to bring people together and designed so that residents can live, work and socialize. There usually are great social areas to promote interaction like shared kitchens, communal tables, living spaces, work places or a gym.


Coliving is about community without giving up privacy so it provides a combination of common areas with compact and clever private spaces. Residents usually enjoy fully furnished en-suite bedrooms with private or shared kitchens.


The providers of this model are mostly hospitality led and typically include services that are considered commodities as wifi or eletricity together with additional perks such as smart home technology or housekeeping.


The sharing and efficient use of resources and space together with all-inclusive offers help people not only to keep a strict budget but also to reduce overall living expenses. When compared with a traditional leasing, residents of Coliving benefit of one monthly bill with no hidden costs, flexible terms and quality features that most would unlikely have at home.

Coliving places also act as the perfect marriage of socialization and privacy. There is privacy but only when needed.”


Altogether, Coliving is much more than sharing a house, it’s a new experience that positively changes the way young people live, and it has now become a lifestyle.